In a fire-evacuation emergency Fire Wardens need to ensure safe exit of a building for everyone and they must guide people to a ‘place of safety’ as fast as possible.


Evacuation Documents

Best practice in a fire evacuation is to have emergency documents to hand. First Aid for burns instructions, emergency phone numbers and site hazard documents are all included. A site sketch with hazards (such as electrical supply, boiler etc.) clearly marked would be invaluable to the emergency services. All in a weatherproof folder.


High Visibility Fire Warden Vest

It is imperative that Fire Wardens are quickly and easily recognised in an evacuation. Our clearly labelled, high visibility vest ensures you stand out and are recognised immediately.


Prepare For Dark Conditions

Fires can strike at any time and you should prepare for the worst case scenario i.e. dark and possibly wintery conditions in a building that has lost its electric supply and has only emergency lighting. Our bright LED torch will help light the way.


First Aid Kit

In an emergency a first aid kit may well be needed. Our fire warden kit includes a 38 piece first aid kit that can be belt worn.

Our Fire Warden Kit includes all the above items within a clearly labelled, red drawstring bag. The bag ideally would be hung near the final exit and often adjacent the fire alarm control panel. Simply grabbing the bag as you leave will provide you with all the essentials for a fire evacuation emergency.